How to repair AI file

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How to repair Illustrator file

Modified on 01/01/2019

Adobe Illustrator repair file software for corrupted *.ai files. Illustrator Repair Kit assists to repair AI file data.

The repairing of corrupted *.ai file of Adobe Illustrator - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download Illustrator Repair Kit here:
  2. Install Illustrator Repair Kit
  3. Start Illustrator Repair Kit
  4. Select the file name of corrupted Illustrator file
  5. Press Next
  6. Select the output file name
  7. Press Save file button

How to repair Illustrator file?

Damaged .AI file repair software download

Illustrator Repair Kit is a specialized product that enables users to don't know how to repair ai file data to successfully extract the contents of their damaged files after all kinds of accidents involving file corruption. The program was designed and developed with a focus on usability and ease of use, hence the simplicity of its interface based on a convenient multi-step wizard. The user only needs to make a few simple choices along the way towards the final step - the rest of the recovery procedure is fully automated, which makes this Adobe Illustrator file repair program a universal tool that can be used by professionals and regular home users looking for one-time recovery of an important AI file. Professional designers, publishers, illustrators and artists can use Illustrator Repair Kit to dramatically reduce the time necessary to recover their lost work an resume their projects just minutes after system crashes that lead to data corruption. Besides, this Adobe Illustrator repair file solution can save them a considerable amount of money that would otherwise be spent on external services.

The powerful core of the program was deeply optimized by the company's experts to cope with the most serious cases of AI file corruption. It accurately analyzes the contents of corrupted illustrations and restores them layer by layer. While recovering data, the program never modifies the source, but creates a copy of it in the memory of the user's computer, which guarantees that the file can be used with alternative AI recovery tools.

Adobe Illustrator repair file

Apart from this, Illustrator Repair Kit uses a unique algorithm for reducing RAM usage while processing extra-large files. Everything that the program manages to extract is assembled into a new AI document and passed directly to Adobe Illustrator, which is why its presence on the user's computer is required at the time of recovery.

Adobe Illustrator file repair program

Below is a list of the program's key features:

  • A powerful data analysis core based on cutting-edge recovery algorithms
  • A convenient and user-friendly interface perfectly suitable for those who want to learn how to repair AI file data without spending a fortune on specialized services
  • Support of all versions of AI files
  • Ability to fix known errors caused by bugs in popular software working with AI files
  • Detailed reporting during (real-time display of the names of objects being processed) and after recovery (log file)
  • Direct data recovery to Adobe Illustrator (must be installed on the user's PC at the time of recovery)
  • Efficient memory management lowering the impact on the system's performance during the recovery of large files
  • Compact size of the installation file, no additional components required
How to repair .AI file?

Illustrator Repair Kit is by far the most advanced, efficient and reliable tool for users willing to find out how to repair Illustrator file data on their own, without leaving home or their workplace.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Remington Singh 2021-04-27

The strange specificity of the software restoration, from the .ai file repaired an empty .ai and a full drawing in PDF file. All I have to do is open the .pdf in Illustrator and save the file as .ai. It is strange that the program could not do it itself for some of my files.

Saul Coffey 2021-04-13

A friend of mine said that the structure of the file was partially removed, and it was impossible to fix the picture. Your service was able to recuperate something for the vector elements.

Carley Holder 2021-03-24

I didn't pay, I thought the service could show the history of saving the file, and you can choose any option for the saves version of the file. It would be great if you add this functionality to your site.

Amber Rose 2021-02-10

Damn, I couldn't get the old version of my file back. There was a power failure in the office and I had 5 minutes to close all open applications on my PC. I saved the amendments over the working paper. As a result, after turning on the computer, I discovered that I made a big mistake, since it was no longer possible to return to the previous steps in the document history. The demo version of the program showed what I have now. The file is working for me, I just wanted to roll back.

Nova Reign 2021-01-13

Fixed file with errors, lost one layer with drawing elements.

Thamos Napaea 2020-12-30

Successfully coped with fixing errors .ai file that was recovered from a damaged hard drive.

Jennifer 2020-12-16

Due to a virus, I had to reset my computer to factory settings. And before dumping my drawings, I threw them onto a flashcard. I was very happy when the same purchased key was valid for new Illustrator Repair Kit. Was able to fix all my drawings after the virus.

Sariyah Ayden 2020-08-12

The recovery program helped fix the damage to the Adobe Illustrator file and deleted the mask layer, otherwise everything remained the same. thank

Contumacious 2020-06-17

The .AI file was damaged after a computer crash; Illustrator cannot open this file. The service restored a part of the image as a PDF, but the contents of the PDF file were restored without the figures created using the Blend Tool.

Feuilleton 2020-06-03

Illustrator overwritten the .AI file with errors, it was not possible to return to the previous version through the cache. After restoration, a couple of layers merged into one.

Sven 2020-04-30

This service helps me repair a broken .ai file that Adobe Illustrator does not open. Really good website for recover Illustrator documents.

ClarifySunBeam 2020-04-01

While Adobe illustrator is opening a damaged file, it shows blank file. And I also tried to restore previous version of file via Illustrator cache folder, but unfortunately it opens a blank file too. Corrupted file managed to recover back via uploading file on site. Thanks.

mohamed 2020-03-29


designerLA 2020-02-25

Adobe Illustrator appears error when try to open .ai its says that file is unreadable. This repair tool is helpful, cuz now I can open a corrupt ai format file. PS. I use program not online service, cuz my .ai more 800 mb

kim 2019-11-22

thank you

hey 2019-11-04


P 2019-06-06

Thank you so much! You've just saved my life!

C Marie 2019-02-27

This is the best [program in the world

Goblin 2018-09-30


Nara 2018-09-20

Good PROGRAM. Really.

Ali 2016-03-30

Why Illustrator was broke? Need to pay $10 to repair bad .ai file. Adobe cannot help me with bad .ai file. Only this service helped me with my bad Illustrator CC project.

Maria 2015-01-11

Service didn't repair Illustrator file easy. Service send me archive with AI + PDF file. After conversion PDF to AI file all data was repaired.

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